Frequently Asked Questions

It’s quite elementary really….


  • What do I need to bring with me?
    • Think an overnight stay or short vacation.  Bring your personal items (clothing, toothbrush, etc.) Bed linen, towels, soap, shampoo, and conditioner, are provided for you.
  • Should I bring my own food & drink?
    • Yes, full kitchen with fridge and stove are provided if you wish to do your own food prep.  Some guests choose to get take-out or order meals to be delivered.
  • I noticed your guest accommodations include up to 9 guests (3 beds, 1 air mattress, 1 couch) – Is it possible to bring an extra guest who would bring their own bedding (i.e. sleeping bag)?
    • Extra guests will be considered on individual bases. The extra guest accommodation fee will apply if granted.
  • Is there other stuff to do in the area?
    • San Antonio is a wonderful city! If you’re looking to extend your stay and find something local to do in addition to your game, check out


  • How do you play The Sherlock Home?
    • Excellent question!  We are not going to answer that one.  You see, figuring out how to play the game is part of the game.  All you need are observation skills, a dose of deductive reasoning and a sense of adventure.
  • How long does the game last?
    • Everyone plays differently. The average time is 4 ½ to 6 ½ hours.  We have designed the game so that everyone can take their time and approach solving the game at their own pace, in their own style. There is basically no time limit other than the duration of your scheduled stay.
  • How many people does it take to play the game?
    • The Sherlock Home is designed for multiple players who can share ideas and help each other solve challenges. We believe that 2-6 players allow for a more “hands-on”, immersive experience, however, we have hosted several larger groups where guests participate through observation and group-type strategies and tactics.
  • Do I have to be a Sherlock fan or know a lot about the Sherlock stories to play this game?
    • You don’t have to be a “Sherlockian” to play the Sherlock Home or have any prior knowledge of his stories. Although the game obviously follows a Sherlock Home theme, the overall game and the individual puzzles stand alone.  Everything you need to succeed is provided somewhere within the playing areas in the house.  It’s based on observations of things you see and find while you are playing.  Sherlock enthusiasts may recognize a few “easter eggs” we have placed throughout the home.
  • What do I do if I can’t solve something or get stuck?
    • Not to worry!  We want you to succeed! HINTS to all puzzles are provided AT YOUR DISCRETION.  Players are in complete control of how much help they want from our HINT system. If you get stuck or feel it is taking too long to solve something definitely refer to the HINTS- they will not give you the answer but will simply guide you to keep the fun going.
  • What if I just want an answer?
    • You can refer to the SOLUTIONS box provided at any time.  Like the HINTS the SOLUTIONS are always up to the players discretion.  It’s up to you how many solutions you want to have.
  • Is there a time limit?  Does the Game have to be completed in a single time setting?
    • Absolutely not!  The evening is designed for players to do their own thing! Players can choose to complete the Game in one fluid approach or take their time, taking breaks, stopping for dinner, etc. A few have started the Game on the night they arrived, stopped their playing to go and enjoy San Antonio attractions or nightlife, then picked up the game the next morning over breakfast.


  • Is this like an escape room?
    • Yes, and no… and yes.  The style of some of the conundrums in the Sherlock Home are similar in nature to the puzzles found in escape rooms.  There are hidden objects to be found and locks to be opened.  Some with combinations, some with keys.  The two major differences that separate our game from escape rooms are (1) Players are not escaping, you are not “locked” in the house, and (2) other than the duration of your stay there is no time limit set that players must adhere to.
  • What ages can play The Sherlock Home?
    • Hmmmm?…Hard to be specific on that one.  The romantic appeal from the Victorian era sets a tone leaning more toward adults.  The conundrums definitely have some challenge to them, guess we could say older children 13 and up would probably enjoy the game more.  Definitely not appropriate for younger children because of small objects  and moving parts, not to mention the entertainment level is not geared toward children.
  • Is this a role- playing type of game?  Do I have to pretend to be a character?
    • Although the premise of the game is that guests are taking on the persona of Sherlock Holmes, there is absolutely no requirements for role playing or acting of any kind.  Some guests may choose to wear some of our accessories and even talk with accents to immerse themselves into the fun but is not necessary for game play.
  • Can we come in costume?
    • Absolutely!!!  The house is designed to be an immersive experience. Go for it!  There are even some small accessories in the house you are welcome to don as you play.
  • I’ve never played an escape room before- is this out of my league?
    • Are you in the Justice League?  The Red-Headed League?  The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?  Then no worries! Seriously though, the game is designed for everyone with a sense of adventure.  It  is challenging but certainly doable and solvable.  The game includes hints and solutions, and we provide a tips and suggestions packet for those who do not have previous experience with games like this.

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